Orly Krasner

Orly Krasner loves to share the joy of English Country Dance as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She is a regular part of the teaching rotation in New York City and is a frequent guest for dance evenings, special events, and festivals across the USA and abroad. She has taught at Pinewoods Early Music Week and trained teachers in Japan under the auspices of the National Federation of Teachers of Folkdance. Orly loves a challenge: she’s been studying traditional Japanese dance (and how to wear a kimono) in addition to learning Baroque dance (and anticipating a minuet-step revival)! As a choreographer, Orly is working on her second collection of original dances. Celebrations, her first book and CD, includes “Algorhythms,” “Longevity,” and “When Laura Smiles.” In real life, Orly credits her discovery of country dance with helping her finish her PhD dissertation; she currently teaches in the music department at the City College of New York.