Jim Murray and the Too Good to Hurry Band

Jim Murray started on the Tyneside folk scene in the 60s as a solo singer and with brother Phil, and Mick and Kevin Doonan in a band which developed into the legendary Hedgehog Pie. After moving to London, Jim continued to perform and to run folk clubs. Lis Stewart (duet concertina, fiddle, keyboards) performs at folk clubs, leads sessions and is the foreman and musician for Brixton Tatterjacks Morris. Alex Szyszkowski (melodeon, concertina, mandolin) is rooted in the English country dance tradition. He is a member of Cheap Jack and Islington Folk Club’s Angel Band. Chris Dyer (fiddle, nyckelharpa) is a bal folk musician on the UK festival and dance club scene. She is MC of the London Scandi Session. They got together in 2013 with Dave Wooldridge and play as Jim Murray and the Too Good To Hurry Band.