Jimmy Crowley

Jimmy Crowley has been a central figure in the Irish folk scene since the enthusiastic reception of his debut album The Boys of Fairhill in 1977. The second album, Camphouse Ballads with his band Stokers Lodge, hurtled the band into the vortex of the folk scene; they were now performing at folk festivals and making tv appearances in Ireland, Britain and America .Both albums were produced by Micheál Ó Dómhnaill of the Bothy Band, a seminal influence in Jimmy’s life.

Every Jimmy Crowley album after the demise of Stokers Lodge in the middle eighties has been imbued with an excitement and autonomy, challenging sti ing conventions and totally different from its predecessor.

Jimmy Crowley began to establish himself not just as a tradition bearer but also as a stylish songwriter. His song about the sailing ship Asgard 2 ,’My Love is a Tall Ship,’ was adopted as an anthem for sailors everywhere and was used in the documentary lm on the Tall Ships’ Race made by the National Television service, R.T.É

In Aberdeen in 2019 Crowley met with singer Eve Telford. As well as forging a romantic alliance, the couple has engaged in several recording projects; one being their interpretation of versions of the Child canon recorded from Irish Travellers which is mooted for release sometime in ’23.

A new album of original songs from Jimmy entitled ‘Life’ is due for release in 22