Keith Donnelly CD Launch

Keith launches his brand new ‘’Shantydisestablishmentarianism’ album here at Whitby this year, with a potted version of his full-length stage show – ‘The Shantyskeptics!’ (Described as ‘Monty Python meets South Pacific!’)

Worldwide Folk Festival favourite, Keith Donnelly (‘the funniest thing to happen to folk music since the banjo!’) has written, parodied, pastiched, and more or less mangled, about three dozen shanties and songs of the sea, to bring you his hilarious, brand new, interactive, Shantyskeptics Show.

The man who wrote songs, jokes, and TV shows for Jasper Carrott (amongst others), has now turned his prodigious pen to his long time love – Sea Shanties!

In the live show, with help from a parrot called Jasper, a wayward Polar Bear and the Handsome Cabin Boy, Keith takes the audience on a quest to find the perfect sea-song. Do they ever find it?
Come along and decide for yourself!

By the time he reached the chorus of the very first song he had the whole audience singing along and in stitches!’
(Harwich International Shanty Festival 2022)

Keith could make sheep laugh!’ (Jasper Carrott)

The CD launch is on Sunday 20th August