What’s on when: Ceilidhs & dances

Evening ceilidhs & dances

The evening ceilidhs & dances are centred around our two spacious dance halls at Whitby Pavilion. Plus there’s late night sessions and socialising every evening in the Whitby Pavilion Foyer Bar!


Ceilidh with Whapweasel & Erin Mansfield | Mixed dance with Contrasaurus & Daisy Black | English dance with Orly Krasner & The Falconers


Dales Dance with The No Lazy Dancing Dance Band & Pete Coe | Ceilidh with Bedlam & Nick Walden | Mixed dance with Andrew Swaine & The Falconers | Family ceilidh with Contrary Faeries & Erin Mansfield


Contra dance night with Contrasaurus, Contrary Faeries, Rhodri Davies & Charlotte Rich-Griffin | English dance with Orly Krasner & Stradivarious | Family ceilidh with Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews & Martyn Harvey


Ceilidh night featuring New Festival Callers with Relentless & Martyn Harvey, Steamchicken & Bob Morgan, plus participants of the festival calling workshops | American dance with Rhodri Davies & Contrary Faeries | Family ceilidh with Sue Coe & Contrasaurus


Playford Night: Playford Ball with Andrew Swaine & Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer followed by Late Night Playford with Albireo & Daisy Black | Family ceilidh with Steamchicken & Alison Rowley


Themed Ceilidh with Melrose Ceilidh Quintet & Martyn Harvey, Bellamira & Alison Rowley | English dance with Orly Krasner & Stradivarious | Family ceilidh with The Hedgehog’s Skin & Joey Oliver


Open Ceilidh Band led by The Hedgehog’s Skin & Joey Oliver  | Ceilidh with Frog on a Bike & Sue Coe | Mostly American dance with Rhodri Davies & Contrasaurus | Family ceilidh with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer & Bob Morgan | The Closing Ceremony

Daytime workshops

Mornings (on five or six days during the week):

Running Set with Annabel and Nigel Sharp* | Irish Set with Jerry O’Reilly* | American Dance with Rhodri Davies** | Playford for All with Daisy Black#

Afternoons (on five or six days during the week):

Playford with Andrew Swaine** | English with Orly Krasner** | Contra with Charlotte Rich-Griffin#

Individual/part-week workshops:

Festival Calling with Martyn Harvey (Sun-Tues) | Introduction to Scottish Dance with Annabel & Nigel Sharp# (days tbc) | Tunes play-through session for Open Ceilidh Band participants with David Oliver and The Hedgehog’s Skin (Fri)

#particularly beginner-friendly, everyone welcome to join in!
*dancers new to the style welcome, some general dance experience (e.g. ceilidh) helpful
**aimed primarily at more experienced dancers

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