Ceilidhs & Dances

Whitby Folk Week offers a wide-ranging and varied dance programme featuring some of the country’s top dance bands and callers!

Whether you’re into lively ceilidhs, costumed Playford Balls, high-energy contra dancing, challenging social dances, fun and friendly Playford, traditional mixed programme dances or family-friendly ceilidhs, there’s something for everyone.

Our dance specials for 2020 will include:

  • The Big Contra Night on Monday 24th August;
  • Playford Costume Ball on Wednesday 26th August; and the ever popular
  • Themed Ceilidh on Thursday 27th August

We’ve got evening ceilidhs with great music and dances from some of the ceilidh scene’s most well-known names, including Relentless with Phil Bassindale (Sat), Oxford NAGS with Barry Goodman (Sun), Banter with Cate Haynes (Sun), Out of Hand with Patrick Rose (Tues), Token Women with Jo Freya & Fi Fraser (Thu), Melrose Quintet with Martyn Harvey (Thu), and Peeping Tom with Barry Goodman (Fri).  

There are also family ceilidhs every afternoon – in our new larger venue!

Contra dances and workshops will be led by Lynne Render with music from Vertical Expression and The Four Idiots.  Look out for Contra Night on Monday evening and Challenging Contras on Tuesday evening!

There’ll be interesting and challenging English dances from Colin Hume, a range of Playford events with Rhodri Davies, Bob Morgan and Jen Morgan, plus several mixed programme social dances throughout the week.  Stray Chords, Mollie Koenigsberger & Ali Messer and Bearded Dragons will be providing the music.  Playford Night on Wednesday will be a particular highlight of the week, featuring music from Purcell’s Polyphonic Party.

There are also daily dance workshops in Contra, Playford, English, Running Set (with Dave Turner) and Irish Set (with Jerry O’Reilly), plus a couple of Historical Dance workshops with de Mowbray’s Musicke.