The Fraser Sisters

The Fraser Sisters, Jo Freya and Fi Fraser, were once described as ‘better than a bus’, when a print run removed the rest of the sentence ‘load of musicians’. A fitting description as they are multi instrumentalists and singers with a history of performing that spans the best part of 50 years. They have collected and interpreted music from the Uk and beyond in a way that only siblings can. The music is diverse and captivating often delivered in what appears to be, a deceptively easy way, e.g. acaplella, accompanied, driving tunes…but frankly they are worth seeing for the banter alone. Expect great music with tales of their experiences as musicians and sisters, far and wide.

You will have seen then individually or collectively with Blowzabella, Narthen, Polka works, Sir Michale Morpurgo and more and Jo is now the Artistic director of the National Youth Folk Ensemble.