Ken Watson & Nina Hansell

Ken Watson and Nina Hansell are father and daughter, hailing from Grimsby, and are both musicians and dancers with many years of experience playing for ceilidh dances, clog and morris teams and leading English music sessions.

Ken has been playing melodeon for morris, clog and step dancing for more than 50 years and is adept at accompanying many different styles of dance. He is well known for his precise style, light touch and perfect tempo and is a joy to both dance and listen to.

Nina has been playing violin since she was 6 and has been dancing since she was 8 years old. Now living in Oxfordshire, Nina is probably best known for her bouncy fiddle playing in ceilidh bands The Bismarcks, PolkaWorks and Oxford NAGS. She aims to provide functional dance music that people find impossible to sit still to.