Graham O’Callaghan

Originally from Devon, Graham has been described as having one of the finest voices in the tradition. His work as an unaccompanied solo performer has enabled him to explore ‘song’ with a greater freedom to ‘sing the words’ rather than to just ‘sing the song’.

“Every word, every note and every rest can enhance or destroy the narrative in the song. Not just with the ‘accepted ballads’, but of all songs. What I try to do is to reinject the poetry of the words back into the song and help people to appreciate why these songs were first written”.

“The male equivalent to June Tabor” : Green Man Review USA

“He succeeds in moving people with his singing – a formidable power” : Ray Fisher

“A wonderful journey of song by one of the best voices in the tradition” : Baccapipes Folk Club, Keighley.