Aunty Anne here. It has been my joy to run the Playworks sessions for the last few years along with my right hand women Emma and Alex and amazing volunteer Hannah. I am looking forward to joining you all each day for Whitby@Home. Please come with your ideas and enjoy the rainbow activities each day. See you in 2021 x

Keith Rogers

Keith has been Whitby regular for the past 17 years. He has been telling stories for 50 years and since his retirement works with the Storytelling Studio which is part of the Birmingham Trad Arts Team


Jennie has been coming to Whitby Folk Week for about 40 years & helping Julia run Whitby Playtime for maybe 20 of those. She used to run a playgroup many years ago & was a long-time teacher of children with Severe Learning Difficulties. She loves craft, singing & stories – just a big (old) kid really!

Julia Bryan

Julia moved up from the south to Yorkshire in the early 80’s and quickly fell in love with Whitby! She has been coming to Folk Week since then and began helping with Playtime in about 1995. Throughout the rest of the year, Julia manages a nursery and out-of-school club in Sheffield but she really looks forward to the opportunity every August, to work with the lovely community of children that come to Folk Week.

Pat Smith & Ned Clamp

Pat & Ned have been part of Whitby Playtime for the last twenty years. They are stalwarts of the Welsh folk community (Pat has been central to Llantrisant Folk Club for 40 years!); singing, musicianing, dancing and calling, they have worked all over the British Isles, with regular forays to foreign parts such as the USA, Down Under, southern Europe, and the Celtic regions of Yorkshire. They will be singing you a song or two most days this week, with lots of joining-in bits

Children in Performance

Ellie, Grace, Kerry, Liz and Lizzie have been attending Whitby Folk Week as part of the children’s workshops for longer than they can remember. Experienced teachers and children’s workshop leaders, the group come together each year for the festival from all over the world. They come with a wealth of experience; from clog and morris dance, acting on stage and screen, musical talents and drawing expertise. They are all looking forward to sharing stories and performances with you in our special at home programme.