Who’s on: Thursday

An overview of who’s on today. All information subject to change.

The festival programme with full details of locations and timings is now available to purchase from our online shop  It can also be purchased from various venues in Whitby including Holmans, Arch & Abbey, Station Inn, Flowergate Centre, Tourist Information and the Spa Pavilion.  There will also be an App, details of which will be posted here soon.

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Thursday’s Special Events

Tribute To Chris Sugden – Details to follow via the Daily Wailer


Alistair Anderson | Belinda Kempster & Fran Foote | Benammi Swift | Bennery & Micheal Quinn | Bob & Gill Berry | Brian Miller | Carol Dawson & Steve Le Voguer | Culverake | Dave Townsend | Di Henderson | Fay Hield Trio | Francy Devine | Gordon Tyrrall | Graham O’Callaghan | Holly & the Reivers | JIB | Jerry O’Reilly & Rosie Davis | Jill & Bernard Blackwell | Jim Causley | Jim Murray & TGTHB | John Conolly | John Tams | Johnny Handle & Chris Hendry | Katie Howson & Roger Digby | Kay Cook | Lost from Grimsby Town Band | Magpie Lane | Martyn Wyndham-Read | Megan Wisdom | Melrose Quartet | Michael Sheehy & Alan Block | Miranda Sykes | Moira Craig | Mossy Christian | Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes | Paul Downes & Annie Winter | Peta Webb & Ken Hall | Pete Coe | Rattle on the Stovepipe | Ruth & Sadie Price | The Fraser Sisters | The Underground Sun | Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer | Will & Pippa Noble

Ceilidhs & Dances

Themed Family Ceilidh: “Into The Woods” – The Hedgehog’s Skin; Joey Oliver; Lynda Hardcastle & Alan Rose

Themed Ceilidh: “Into The Woods” – Costumes optional but very much encouraged! With Bellamira & Alison Rowley then Melrose Ceilidh Quintet & Martyn Harvey, plus the costume competition! Dance display by Newcastle Kingsmen & Newcastle Kingsmen Clog

Mixed Dance – Andrew Swaine; Stradivarious


Running Set Dance Workshop – Annabel & Nigel Sharp; Morris Oxford

Session Training Workshop – Richard Arrowsmith; James Fagan

Festival Orchestra (5 of 6) – Carol Dawson & Steve Le Voguer

Irish Set Dance Workshop – Jerry O’Reilly

Tai Chi Quan – Melvin Samuel

North West Morris Workshop – Chiltern Hundreds Clog Morris

Longsword Workshop (4 of 5) – Newcastle Kingsmen

Cotswold Morris Workshop – Peterborough Morris

Shape Note Singing (4 of 5) – Phil Tyler

Beginners Whistle Workshop – May Cheadle

Anglo Concertina Workshop – Left Hand Technique – Roger Digby

Improvers Pipes Workshop – Aisling Holmes

Beginners Clog Workshop (4 of 5) – Newcastle Kingsmen Clog

English Concertina Workshop (1 of 2) – Alex Wade

Rapper Workshop (4 of 5) – Black Swan Rapper

Singing In Harmony Workshop (5 of 5) – Moira Craig; Bryony Griffith

Guitar Workshop – Jill & Bernard Blackwell

American Dance Workshop – Rhodri Davies; Contrasaurus

Mixed Melodic Instrument Workshop – Alistair Anderson

Intermediate Whistle Workshop – May Cheadle

Playford For All Workshop – Daisy Black; Stradivarious

Intermediate Clog Workshop (4 of 5) – Duke’s Dandy Clog

Contra Dance Workshop – Charlotte Rich-Griffin; Contrary Faeries

Playford Dance Workshop – Andrew Swaine; The Falconers

Advanced Clog Workshop (5 of 5) – Jean Smith

West Gallery Workshop – Dave Townsend

Shape Note Singing – Phil Tyler

English Dance Workshop – Orly Krasner; The Falconers

Introduction To Scottish Country Dance Workshop – Annabel & Nigel Sharp


Lunchtime Stories – Kay Cook; Taffy Thomas

Spoken Word – Bring your stories, poems and monologues

Taffy’s Tunes And Tales – MC Taffy Thomas; Rebecca Hearne; Ellen Mitchell; Stanley Accrington; Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer; Racker Donnelly; Tom Goodale

Talks, Chats & Interviews

Presentation – Pete Heywood and The Legacy of McColl

Doc Rowe Show (2 of 3) – Doc Rowe presents more treasures from his archives

Whitby Interviews – Ian Russell talks to Fay Hield about her life as a performer and her work at the University of Sheffield

Children & Young People

Playtime (For 3 To 6 Year Olds)

Playworks (For 7 To 11 Year Olds)

Junior Orchestra (For 8 Year Olds & Above)

Longsword For Children (For 7 To 14 Year Olds) – with Sue Coe

Yoof Club (For 10 To 18 Year Olds) – with Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson

Children’s & Yoof Showcase

Plus dance displays, sessions & singarounds, and Craft Fair & musical instrument stalls at the Leisure Centre