Wailer No.6 – Thursday 23rd August 2018


422 have kindly agreed at very short notice to be Red Hippo for tonight. Please come along and support them at event 544 Late Night Extra 23.30 in the Spa Exhibition Hall.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control Red Hippo are unable to be with us this week. They send their apologies and best wishes.

Many thanks to Dave Burland who has agreed to appear in the afternoon concert on Thursday event 508 in the Spa Theatre at 14.00 .


Apologies to anybody who was at the Conservative Club on Tuesday night. The nonattendance of 2 artists was purely down to an admin error and not the artists.



Workshops have yet again had to be moved as The Star is unable to host these. From Monday they will be in the side room at The Station Inn at 10.00am:

Thursday event 445 10.00 Vicki Swan Nyckelharpa

Friday event 552 10.00 Bob Ellis should read How to play tunes by ear.

Monday – Friday 11.30 – Workshops will now be at DISCOVERY cafe area, Silver Street (opp. Fish & Chip Shop)

13.00-15.00 & 17.00-19.00} Music sessions will be in FIRST IN, LAST OUT, Fishburn Road, Terrace

I’ll Tell You a Story” (not Weds) Thurs, Fri will be in the Rifle Club Office


Change of Venue Event 551 Friday 10.00 Bob Pegg ‘Confessions of a Reformed Folk Singer’ Recalls the stories and sounds of the Northern folk scene in the 1960s, will now be in the Rifle Club Office.


Event 542 Coliseum 20.00 Concert – Windy Gyle will be now be on first and not finishing.


Please note Green Ginger Clog with Ken Watson will be appearing in the Traditional night out at the Football Club on Thurs event 540


Dave Townsend –

West Gallery Workshops (206, 308, 412, 515)- Bring Mellstock Carols Vol 1 (2003 revised Edition) and Vol 2 if you have them.

Village Band Workshops (271, 365) – There’s a new Vol 7 so no need to bring any of Vols 1 – 6!


Alex Wade’s Concertina workshops. Thursday and Friday for those who already know the basics. Events 366, 467 and 567 11.30 at the Rifle Club Office.


Extra Event no 488 Thursday at The Brunswick Centre. Journey to the Centre of the Folk: An Adventure in Song and Story Vic Baines, aka Pendlecheek, digs around in archives to find songs rarely sung, and stories little heard. She’s fascinated by what makes events and experiences “song-worthy”, what makes some survive…and others not. This talk combines performances of hidden songs with sound archive material collected by oral historians, including some hitby favourites! It’s a multimedia celebration of the voice of the people that everyone can enjoy.


Accoustic Concert- Please note this event held each morning Sunday – Friday in The Spa Bar –upstairs will be 11.20 – 13.00 (Event 60, 161, 262, 364, 465, 565)


Carole and Alan Prior – Event numbers should be – 107, 228, 337, 426, 493 (Carole only), 542


Steve Dumpleton – workshop tutor Thursday 23rd event 461 – Anglo concertina workshop 10.00-11.20 Middle Earth, level intermediate – advanced. This workshop deals with playing in the harmonic ‘English’ style. C/G anglo concertina required, preferably three row.


Doc Rowe’s events at The Coliseum:

Thursday (event 458) 10.00: A number of requests to reshow “DEPARTED FRIENDS” film have resulted in a new version – bring tissues!

Friday (event 560) 10.00: Doc’s annual trawl through material in his archive collection … some old, some new …






Please note the following





This should read “The Children’s Poems of Charles Causley”

With Jim Causley, Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham.




Spa Pavilion

Workshop Showcase running order:

1.30 – Sue Coe’s Junior Longsword

1.40 – Sacred Harp

1.50 – Seven Champions Molly Dancers

2.00 – Whistle

2.10 – Village Band

2.20 – West Gallery

2.30 – Festival Orchestra

2.50 – Horwich Prize Medal Morris

3.00 – Irish Set Dance

3.10 – Beat It – Advanced Clog

3.20 – Green Ginger – Intermediate Clog

3.30 – Newcastle Kingsmen

3.40 – Newcastle Kingsmen Clog – Beginners

3.50 – Goathland Plough Stots

4.00 – Hexham Morris Men

4.10 – Family Clog