Diane Silver

One of the most sought-after dance callers in the United States, Diane Silver has been a die-hard contra dancer, swing dancer, and kitchen flat-footer for over 20 years.  With a penchant for hot modern contras and squares, she loves sharing high-energy dancing that allows everyone to “play” with the band.  Highly acclaimed for her clear, efficient teaching and calling, creative medleys, great positive energy, and spirit of community building, Diane provides a sizzling evening of dance in a friendly, welcoming tone.

Diane danced for several years with the Cincinnati Lindy Circle, a performance swing dance troupe, and currently performs with the Green Grass Cloggers, in North Carolina.  She has called dances and led workshops in contra, clogging, swing, and other couples’ dances at hundreds of evenings, festivals, and workshops across the U.S. and abroad.    Diane’s motto: “I can’t believe this much fun is legal!”

Fans say: “Her dances are interesting, complex, and just plain fun.  Her energy is infectious; her teaching is painless, effective, and efficient, and the bands she works with thinks she walks on water.  She has a rare skill of bringing together dancers of all ages and levels of experience into one big fun experience for everyone—without overly challenging the less experienced and without ho-humming the highly experienced.  Under her enthusiastic leadership, everyone just naturally helps and delights in each other, and the evenings are full of magic.”

In alternate personas, Diane is an environmental educator and middle-grade science teacher, kayaker, and fiddle player.