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Janie Meneely & Rob van Sante; Alistair Russell; MC: Mary Cryan

Melrose Quartet

Sara Grey; George Sansome & Matt Quinn; MC: Kevin Sheils

Jim Mageean & Graeme Knights; Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer; MC: Derek Schofield

Pull for the Shore

Will & Pippa Noble; Martyn Wyndham-Read; MC: Kevin Sheils

Jim Woodland; Damien Barber; MC: Derek Schofield

Tribute to Keith Marsden with Val Marsden & Graham Pirt

Roisin Ban; Pete Morton; MC: Mary Cryan

John Bowden & Vic Shepherd; Notts Alliance; MC: Mary Cryan

Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes; Benammi Swift; Crows; MC: Kevin Sheils

Ancestral Voices

John Kirkpatrick; Barbara Dymock & Christopher Marra; Eliza Carthy; MC: Derek Schofield

Story Telling

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside with Maria Credali

Presentations & Slide Shows

Clog Making with Simon Brock

The Well Travelled Wild Rover with Brian Peters

The Secret Stream with Nick Dow

Our Spin on Tradition with Whip the Cat Rapper & Clog

Trtibute to Peter Bellamy with Doc Rowe

Whitby Slideshows – The Last Decade Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Whitby Interviews 

Sue Coe talks to Carol Dawson

Derek Schofield talks to Jess Arrowsmith

Mike Bettison talks to Mossy Christian

Workshop Showcase

Zooming Heather