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Presentations & Interviews

Sunday 22nd August

4pm – Whitby Interview: Sue Coe talks to Carol Dawson (Live on Facebook)
7pm – Slideshow: The past Decade (part 1) (Watch on YouTube)

Monday 23rd August

11am – Presentation: Clog Making by Simon Brock (Live Zoom – Register Here)

Tuesday 24th August

11am – Presentation: The Well Travelled Wild Rover by Brian Peters (Live Zoom – Register Here)
12noon – Whitby Interview: Derek Schofield talks to festival patron Jess Arrowsmith (Live on Facebook)
7pm – Slideshow: The past Decade (part 2) (Watch on YouTube)

Wednesday 25th August

4.30pm – Presentation: Secret Stream by Nick Dow (Live Zoom – Register Here)

Thursday 26th August

10am – Slideshow: The past Decade, and a few earlier! (part 3) (Watch on YouTube)
11am – Presentation: Our Spin on Tradition by Whip the Cat Rapper & Clog (Watch on YouTube)
5pm – Interview: Whitby Interview: Mike Bettison talks to Mossy Christian (Facebook Live)

Friday 27th August

11am – Slideshow: Whitby Folk Week Archive with Doc Rowe (Watch on YouTube)