Concert Artists

All concerts will be premiered on the Whitby Folk Week at Home YouTube Channel at their programmed time:

Saturday 21st August

3pm – Rob van Sante & Janie Meneely; Alistair Russell; MC Mary Cryan
6.30pm – An hour with our Patrons Melrose Quartet
9.30pm – Sara Grey; George Sansome & Matt Quinn; MC Kevin Sheils

Sunday 22nd August

3pm – Jim Mageean & Graeme Knights; Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer; MC Derek Schofield
9.30pm – Pull for the Shore – see Special Events

Monday 23rd August

3pm – Will & Pippa Noble; Martyn Wyndham-Read; MC Kevin Sheils
7pm – Brian Peters; Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones; MC Sue Coe
10pm – Late night with the Wilsons

Tuesday 24th August

3pm – Jim Woodland; Damien Barber; MC Derek Schofield
8pm – Music Hall – see Special Events

Wednesday 25th August

3pm – Tribute to Keith Marsden – see Special Events
9.30pm – Roisin Ban; Pete Morton; MC Mary Cryan

Thursday 26th August

3pm – John Bowden & Vic Shepherd; Notts Alliance; MC Mary Cryan
7pm – Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes; Benammi Swift; Crows; MC Kevin Sheils

Friday 27th August

3pm – Ancestral Voices – see Special Events
7pm – John Kirkpatrick; Choras; Eliza Carthy; MC Derek Schofield