Nick Dow

One of the best Folk voices of his generation. Nick Dow has been singing and collecting Traditional Folk Songs for over forty years. His Guitar playing is sensitive and well thought out and his repertoire contains many songs you will hear nowhere else. Nick has gleaned songs from the West Country, and been given songs by the Travelling people with whom he has lived and worked.

Nick Dow will be introducing you to ‘A Secret Stream’. Volume one of a two volume book of songs collected from the English Gypsies.  Find out how Cecil Sharp had a brush with death in a Gypsy Caravan, and how  song collector  Ella Leather had a curse put upon her. Discover the Gypsy  Language and it’s meaning, and hear a few songs  and tunes from Nick, and Cohen Braithwaite -KIlcoyne.

‘A Secret Stream’ book can be ordered though