Daisy Black & Andrew Swaine

and The Whole Hannekin

Cyber Playford comes to Whitby@Home! Come and join us for an evening of Playford dancing and music, hosted by Daisy and Andrew.

There will be fabulous live music from The Whole Hannekin, featuring Manny Grimsley (fiddle), Simon Dumpleton (accordion) and William Marshall (woodwind/brass).

In recent times, Daisy and Andrew have moved their usually Sheffield-based ‘Playford in the Pub’ events online and have been hosting regular ‘Cyber Playford’ dances on Zoom, and we are very happy to have them leading a Cyber Playford night for us at Whitby@Home along with some of Playford in the Pub’s excellent musicians.

They have kindly provided sheet music for the tunes they’ll be using, in case you would like to play along at home: Sheet music for the Playford event

Daisy Black

Daisy is a caller based in Sheffield, where she runs the popular dance and music session, Playford in the Pub. She calls for a lot of ceilidhs, tends to mix older dances with more modern ones, and has called Playford dances at Sidmouth and Stonesfield. She particularly enjoys making seventeenth century dances lively and accessible for new and more experienced dancers. When not calling, Daisy is a lecturer in medieval performance at the University of Wolverhampton and works as a storyteller and theatre practitioner. Her dance programmes are energetic, dynamic and occasionally somewhat silly.

Andrew Swaine

Andrew Swaine began calling and teaching workshops upon joining his University Playford group The Round in 1996. He is now considered one of the country’s leading Playford callers and workshop leaders. The combination of his enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge and gentle, friendly teaching style make his dances and workshops a real treat for the dancers.